Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fever Crumb

Fever Crumb
by Philip Reeve

Fever is no ordinary girl; she never has been. As a baby, she was found by Dr. Crumb, a man of rational thought and reason, as are all members of the Order of the Engineers. The only thing Dr. Crumb knows for certain about Fever is her name from the note tied around her wrist when she was found: "Her name is Fever". While in this time and place girls are viewed as highly irrational, Dr. Crumb believes that perhaps if raised by the Order, she could become a useful Engineer after all. After fourteen years in Dr. Crumb's care and as apprentice in the Order, Fever's assistance has been requested. Fever must venture away from the place she has known and into a world that views her eyes of different colors and shaved head as things to be feared. This book is instantly engaging with its imperfect characters and eerily familiar yet strange setting. Fever's world is a mix of futuristic problems and bits of technology only partially remembered in a harsh society. Fever Crumb received deserved starred reviews in both School Library Journal and Booklist. More on Fever Crumb here: http://www.scholastic.com/fevercrumb/

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