Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Fancy Nancy Party August 12

It's time to dig through your closet, or better yet your mother's closet, to find the perfect items for an over-the-top fancy outfit to wear to Dragonwings Fancy Nancy Party.

At the party we will create fancy crafts, play Fancy Nancy games, and have a fancy snack. We'll read a few pages from Fancy Nancy's new book Explorer Extraordinaire and find out how Nancy is discovering fanciness in the world all around her. Party activities are designed for ages 3-8.

The party will be held at Dragonwings Bookstore at 3:00 PM on Wednesday August 12. Reservations are $7.50 and can be made by calling Dragonwings at 256-9186. Parents are always welcome, always free, and are usually asked to lend a hand with the crafts and games. Reservation fees include all craft supplies, snacks, party favors, and a Fancy Nancy easy reader.

If we have a waiting list for the 3:00 party, we may hold a second party at 4:00.

You can find out more about Fancy Nancy's joie de vivre by checking out Dragonwings' large selection of Fancy Nancy picture books, easy readers, sticker and activity books, games, and colorforms, all of which make perfect gifts for children who love the fancy side of life.

Saturday, August 01, 2009


Hands-on Puzzle Activities for All Ages

When you play Puzzlemania at Dragonwings this week, you can try puzzle activities that have sound, magnets, mazes, and even frogs. Puzzle stations are set up for three age groups around the store. When you come in, pick up a game card at the front desk, and get started. If you need help, just ask us. Once you've tried all of the puzzles at your station, report back to the front desk, tell us which were your worst or best puzzles, and get your prize.

At the puzzle station for ages 2-4 we have Vehicle Sound Blocks, Musical Instrument Sound Puzzle, Color Maze, Construction Sound Puzzle, and the Fishing Game.

The puzzle station for ages 5-7 has a Tow Truck Puzzle, Pattern Blocks, Magnetic Match Rings, and I Spy Circus Berzerkus.

The puzzle station for ages 8-100 has a Hoppers challenge (told you there would be frogs), a Set challenge with six possible sets, and two challenges from On the Dot - a new game that we love.

Puzzlemania will run through Friday August 7

By the way, if you are wondering what the answers are to the World Record Quiz Questions from last week: b. Russia, b. beard, c. C-3PO.