Sunday, May 30, 2010

Dragonwings Bookstore Fun for Kids Waupaca, WI Waggit Forever!

Waggit Forever
by Peter Howe
Waggit is back with a new story in his familiar city park, but new problems are threatening his pack. Uprights (humans) are making changes in the park that are also making it harder for Waggit and his friends to stay safe and to find food. The rival dog pack wants to fight the Uprights, which Waggit and pack leader, Tazar realize will just cause more problems. In the middle of it all, Waggit commits a heroic feat which brings him unwanted attention. Faced with problems on all fronts, Waggit must work to save his pack and himself. Waggit Forever is a book for current Waggit fans, dog and animal lovers, or those readers looking for a good read-a-like to follow Erin Hunter’s Warriors series.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dragonwings Bookstore Fun for Kids Waupaca, WI Spells

By Aprilynne Pike
Laurel has been summoned to the Academy of Avalon, a place that had once been her home but which she no longer remembers. She’s been happy to live with her human parents, but after the last troll attacks and the looming threat of more, the time has come to learn more about who and what she is: a faerie. In fact, Laurel is one of the rarer Fall faeries, not as rare as the Winter ones, but important nonetheless, and she must learn all she can to save her family, her friends, and all of Avalon. Throughout the story Laurel is faced with tough choices about being true to who she is, what she values, and whom she loves. Although Spells is the sequel to the Pike’s New York Times bestselling novel Wings, it can be enjoyed as a story on its own.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Author Sharon Lovejoy to visit the Jensen Community Center in Amherst

Come hear author Sharon Lovejoy
on Saturday June 5th at 10:00am
at the Jensen Community Center in Amherst

Lovejoy will be presenting and signing her newest book Toad Cottages and Shooting Stars, which includes 130 wonderful nature and garden inspired activities for grandparents to share with their grandchildren. Ideas include creating a tabletop nature museum, an underwater viewer, and faerie home furnishing. This book also includes plenty of gardening and planting tips, as well as many yummy recipes. Lovejoy's other books include Roots, Shoots, Buckets, and Boots (gardening together with children); Sunflower Houses (garden book for children and their grown-ups); and Trowel & Error (shortcuts, tips and remedies for the garden). An author, illustrator, lecturer, and teacher, Lovejoy is also the children's garden adviser to the American Horticultural Society. She has been a guest on Today at NBC, PBS's Victory Garden, and The Discovery Channel.

The Sky is Everywhere

The Sky is Everywhere
by Jandy Nelson

Lennie has always stayed safely in her older sister's shadow, but Bailey's sudden death brings on changes Lennie never imagined. She must deal with her grief as well as the attention that her sister once had, but which is now focused on Lennie. Connected by grief to her sister's boyfriend, and connected by happiness to the new boy at school, Lennie works to find herself in what her sister has left behind. This book will be enjoyed by fans of Sarah Dessen or by those looking for a believable teen story. Sample the first two chapters at

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Deep Down Popular

Deep Down Popular
by Phoebe Stone

Jessie Lou Ferguson has loved Conrad since the second grade. Back then she loved him so much she would hide in the bushes on the playground and jump out to give him a big kiss when he walked by! She may have outgrown that sort of behavior but Jessie Lou has not outgrown her love for Conrad. Not that she's alone in her obsession, Conrad enjoys a popularity that is "astounding, outstanding, overwhelming". All this attention dwindles, however, when Conrad has to deal with a hurt leg. The shiny metal leg brace he must wear spells doom for Conrad's popularity, but gives Jessie Lou her "in" to friendship and maybe even something more, as long as she can think of something to say without falling into a million pieces.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

How You Got So Smart

How You Got So Smart
by David Milgrim

Here's another great book for the graduate in your life. Following the adventure of growing up, this book takes a look at How You Got so Smart. Milgrim's bright pictures, which often include a pet dog and a doughnut, compliment the upbeat, sometimes humorous text. A good gift for anyone celebrating an accomplishment or moving on to a new adventure in life.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Paper Towns

Paper Towns
by John Green - the author of An Abundance of Katherines and the Printz award-winning book Looking for Alaska

Margo and Quentin have been neighbors forever, but long ago she ditched him for the cool crowd. Of course Quentin is thrilled with Margo (whom he's loved from afar all these years) shows up at his window three weeks before the end of high school, and the pair sneak out for a night of adventure and pranks. Then just as abruptly, Margo disappears. While Margo's parents seem unconcerned with what they consider typical Margo behavior, Quentin decides to determine whether Margo has truly just run away or if she is gone forever. Green's Paper Towns is set in the Florida he knows so well, which creates a great setting for his most recent young adult novel. Paper Towns received starred reviews in Booklist and School Library Journal.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Brown Rabbit in the City

Brown Rabbit in the City
by Natalie Russell

Brown Rabbit is excited to go visit his friend Little Rabbit in the city. It's his first time in the city, but Little Rabbit is waiting for him as he hops off the bus. Little Rabbit is glad her friend has come to visit; there is so much in the city she wants to show him! But after a whole day of running through the city, Brown Rabbit is very tired and has hardly had any time to see what he really came to visit - his friend! Little Rabbit realizes her mistake and makes a change of pace to be sure Brown Rabbit is happy. Beautiful screen prints using soft, gentle colors help to tell this endearing story of friendship.

Getting Ready for Summer - Golf

The Miniature Book of Miniature Golf
by Mike Vago

This book is more about playing than reading. After all, how many books come with a putter and two tiny golf balls? Vago's creation presents a nine hole course complete with landscaping and water hazards. Prefect for a distraction at the office or as entertainment on rainy days that are less than ideal for heading outside to the green. The hole in each page drops the ball in the exact spot to tee off for the next hole. Give as a great gift or challenge your co-workers and family to a round of miniature-miniature golf! It's about time to brush-up on your putting game and there's no better way to do it than The Miniature Book of Miniature Golf.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


by Keith Baker

Let these wonderful and adventurous green peas lead you through the ABCs. These little peas are busy! They are acrobats, artists, and astronauts. They are kickers, kayakers, and kings. They are scientists, swimmers, and sailors on the seas. They are the LMNO peas! A fun ABCs book with colorful and cute illustrations. An entertaining read-along for those learning the ABCs and those who already know them by heart!

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Star Wars - A Scanimation Book

Star Wars: A Scanimation Book
by Rufus Butler Seder

"Destroy the Sith we must" reads the Yoda quote while the image of Yoda appears to move across the opposite page, wielding his green lightsaber. Using an optical illusion technology that he invented, Rufus Butler Seder (the creator of Gallop! and Waddle!) presents readers with 11 scenes along with classic quotes from the ever-popular Star Wars series. As you turn each page, the pictures move - C-3PO crosses the desert with his friend R2-D2, Luke and Leia swing to safety, Darth Vader reveals the truth, and Lando escapes the exploding Death Star.

Magic Tree House Passport Program

For fans of the Magic Tree House series:

There is now a way to keep track of your adventures by using the new Magic Tree House passport. Get your passport started at Dragonwings or at the Magic Tree House website (click here). Answer a few questions about the stories you've read to print off your official passport stamps.

The Magic Tree House series is a fun set of books for young readers that involve Jack and Annie, who travel back in time on great adventures. Each book focuses on a new time period and new challenges. These engaging stories will help your reader grow and learn!

Welcome to May!

Welcome to May!

by Mark Teague

Edward wants to be a firefighter but learns that it can be hard work! While nothing seems to quite go right during his training, Edward learns what he needs to. When it comes time for getting down to business, Edward is ready. Teague is an award-winning author/illustrator whose books include Funny Farm - a 2009 Parents' Choice Silver Honor Picture Book; Dear Mrs. LaRue - the 2003 Book Sense Illustrated Book of the Year, Detective LaRue, and Pigsty. He is also the illustrator for Jane Yolen's How Do Dinosaurs series.

My Mother is So Smart!
by Tomie DePaola

Mothers are wonderful things and Mothers' day is almost here. This great book is celebration of all the amazing things mothers can do from making the best cookies, to driving grandfather's old truck, to the surprising skill at the end of the book. This loving book shows the marvelous things a mother's love can bring.