Saturday, October 23, 2010

Scaredy-Cat, Splat!
Written by Rob Scotton

This Halloween, Splat the cat is hoping to win the title of the scariest cat in his class. However, he is sure his chances are low after being scared by a tiny spider and told that his costume and jack-o'-lantern are not that scary. Will Splat go home disappointed, or end up winning the scariest cat award after an interesting turn of events? Swing by Dragonwings to pick up a copy of this adorable Halloween picture book!
The Sandwich Swap
Written by Rania Al Abdullah with Kelly DiPucchio
Illustrated by Tricia Tusa

Enter the world of  best friends Lily and Salma. They do all of their school activities together. They draw pictures together, play on the swings together, jump rope together, and even eat their lunches together. However, the girls do have one dissimilarity: their sandwiches. Lily loves her peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but Salma has a soft spot for her hummus and pita sandwich. Will the resulting food fight continue, or will the girls be able to resolve the conflict? Stop by Dragonwings to find out!
Rubia and the Three Osos
Written by Susan Middleton Elya
Illustrated by Melissa Sweet

Join Rubia and the Three Osos for a retelling of the classic tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. When Rubia stumbles across a cute little casa (house), she finds it necessary to try out la sopa (the soup), las sillas (the chairs), and las camas (the beds). When los osos (the bears) return, they chase Rubia away. Can you guess what happens next? I'll leave it as una sorpresa (a surprise)! Stop by Dragonwings today to pick up your copy of this cute English/Spanish twist of a classic story.