Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Camp Dragonwings Summertime Activities for Kids Fun for Kids at Dragonwings Waupaca, WI

Darts and Spinners Challenge - Test Your Skills
Our new summer camp series of workshops starts next week!  At this first session we will give each camper their very own safety dart set and a dueling spinners set.  We will give a demonstration of our amazing skills (yikes!), then everyone gets to practice, and after that, we have a competition.  Registration fee is $7.50.  For ages 5 to 10.  Tuesday July 6th 3:00PM. 

Eco-friendly Grandparenting Workshops
Before Sharon Lovejoy came in May, I sat down and read her new book Toad Cottages and Shooting Stars from cover to cover.  Wow!  I was so inspired, I immediately decided to plan a summer workshop series for grandparents (with or without their grandchildren).  Each of the workshops in this new series will include a long-distance project, an at-home project, and an outdoor project.  We won't just tell you about good ideas; this is a hands-on program with both indoor and outdoor projects.  The first class will include memory nature cards, a mad basket, leaf place cards and more.  Registration fee is $7.50 for grandparents, $2.50 for each grandchild.  Thursday July 8th 9:00AM.

To register for summer camp or our grandparent workshops call Dragonwings Bookstore at  (715)256-9186 or e-mail us.

We have autographed copies of Sharon Lovejoy's books for sale at Dragonwings!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dragonwings Bookstore Fun for Kids Waupaca, WI Our Dragon Friends Are Missing!

We have a problem here at Dragonwings. Our dragon friends Stripe, Flame, and Scales are missing! The last time we saw the mischievous threesome they were reading  My Father's Dragon by Ruth Stiles Gannett. My Father's Dragon is the story of a young boy named Elmer Elevator who goes on an adventure to save a young dragon, who is being held hostage in a faraway land called Wild Island.  Before we knew it, Stripe, Flame, and Scales were gone. We think they may have gotten lost in the store while on an adventure of their own. Will you stop in and help us find our dragons? A small treasure awaits anyone who helps us locate our wayward group...

Dragonwings Bookstore Fun for Kids Waupaca, WI The Lonely Hearts Club

The Lonely Hearts Club
by Elizabeth Eulberg

"Yesterday, love was such and easy game to play..." but now Penny Lane Bloom knows better. As Penny puts it, guys are "lying, cheating scum of the earth." Rather than looking for romance, she swearing it off, for good (or at least for the next ten years or so.) She creates the Lonely Hearts Club (initial membership: one) as her defense against junior year heart ache. As word on about the Club spreads, Penny is surprised just how many girls are there to join her. Each girl is looking for their own individuality without the boys Their social club gains power and popularity but then Penny is torn: stick to the no-guys vow she made, or give in to the advances of a seemingly nice guy whom she can't help but like? Penny's funny easy voice make this a entertaining read.

Dragonwings Bookstore Fun for Kids Waupaca, WI Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer

Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer
by John Grisham

While Theodore might not be old enough to take the bar exam or even drive a car, his legal knowledge earns him the respect of his classmates as well as many adults in the legal system. Both of Theodore's parents are lawyers, allowing Theodore access to the courtroom where he develops his dream of being a great trial lawyer. During a certain murder trial Theodore finds himself caught in the middle. The killer is about to go free but Theodore knows the truth, which if revealed may cause serious troubles for someone else. Young Theodore must decide what to do.

Dragonwings Bookstore Fun for Kids Waupaca, WI Shoot-Out by Mike Lupica

by Mike Lupica

There is one sport Jake loves to play: soccer. As the star center mid fielder, he's exactly where he wants to be. The problem is this star player has ended up on the worst team ever. It's not that he doesn't like the other kids on his team, is just that they don't have the skills to pull together a win. It was humiliating to have other teams hang back just so they wouldn't beat Jake's team by too much. Jake must get used to losing or give up on the game he loves. He must learn what it means to be a good player and good leader on and off the field.

Dragonwings Bookstore Fun for Kids Waupaca, WI Ladybug Girl at the Beach

Ladybug Girl at the Beach
by David Soman and Jacky Davis

Ladybug Girl, Lulu, and her dog, Bingo, are back and this time they are on the way to the beach - which Lulu knows she'll love! When she gets there, however, she's not so sure about those big waves and those huge roaring sounds. Bingo barks at the wave because he's not so sure about the water any more, either. That's ok since they really came to the beach to build sand castles, fly Lulu's kite, and eat ice cream. But then the ocean tries to steal her favorite purple pail! This a job for Ladybug Girl! A fun story about a beautiful day at the beach as well as over coming your fears. Lula and Bingo are wonderful characters to meet if you've never been introduced before. Happy reading!

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Dragonwings Bookstore Fun for Kids Waupaca, WI Sharon Lovejoy Event...

Hey Everyone!
The Sharon Lovejoy book signing event last Saturday was a great success! Check out Sharon Lovejoy's blog to see what she thought of the event...