Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Favorite New Books

Audrey, Wait! by Robin Benway

When Audrey breaks up with her musician boyfriend he writes a song about it and, by chance and the internet, the song becomes a hit making Audrey a reluctant, national celebrity. With paparazzi following her everywhere, Audrey’s private life is suddenly splashed across the internet and the fan magazines. How can she get her life back and maybe even fall in love again, when everyone who wants to be famous is trying to be her new best friend? With song lists for every chapter, this book would make a great gift for a teen who wants something fun and thoughtful to read.

My Most Excellent Year: A Novel of Love, Mary Poppins, and Fenway Park
by Steve Kluger

Kluger uses e-mails, notes, essays, journals, and instant messaging to hilarious effect showing how T.C., his family, and his friends try to figure out baseball, romance, homework, sign language, and a little boy’s addiction to Mary Poppins. You will be glad that you had a chance to spend a crazy year with this big-hearted group, who value friendship above everything else.

The Big Field by Mike Lupica

Another winning story about kids playing league baseball, this time with a view from shortstop and second base. After Hutch is voted team captain, their hot-shot player, Darryl, becomes angry and sarcastic causing Hutch to lose his cool and let his team down. His deep love of baseball helps Hutch make amends and pull his team back together in time for the championship game. Whether or not you love sports, it’s easy to get hooked by Lupica’s stories. For ages 10-14.

A Lot of Otters board book by Barbara Helen Berger

A child is floating in a box reading a bedtime story as friendly otters drift near. When tears from Mother Moon fall into the sea turning into stars, the otters frolic with the stars, catching Mother Moon’s attention. She swoops down to cradle her missing, sleepy child, who is “safe with a lot of otters in a sea of stars.” As in Berger’s Grandfather Twilight, the steady, soothing rhythm and gentle, lush illustrations create a sense of calm and peace, which is always welcome at bedtime.

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