Tuesday, September 14, 2010


by J. T. Dutton

Kelly Louise's mom is sweeping them off to Heaven. No, not that Heaven, but Heaven, Iowa, where Kelly's grandma, Nana, and her weirdo cousin, Natalie, live. Kelly's mom has whisked them off from time to time before, so that's nothing new, but Kelly wonders what the reason is this time. Kelly gets off to a rough start spilling orange soda on Nana's white carpet and getting ditched by Natalie on her first day at Carrie Nation High. The extra strange thing about Heaven is the recent discovery of an abandoned infant in a cornfield, which has the whole town in a frenzy. When mom eventually clues Kelly in to why they happen to be in Heaven just now, she begins to realize just how deceptive people can be. Honesty forces you into the past, a place that is not always heavenly. Visit J. T. Dutton here.

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