Thursday, March 11, 2010

2010 Caldecott Medal Winner

The Lion and the Mouse
illustrated by Jerry Pinkney

This classic Aesop fable of kindness being rewarded with kindness, is told without words through the wonderful pencil and watercolor illustrations of Jerry Pinkney. The king of the jungle decides to let a small mouse, who has disrupted his nap, go free. Later when the lion is caught in a net, it is the mouse that is able to safely free the lion. The movement, actions, and emotions of the animals are all perfectly clear without words. The very few words that do appear in the illustrations are those of sounds: an owl's haunted call, the mouse's tiny squeak, and the lion's angry roar. Pinkney's illustrations are very much deserving of the Caldecott Medal this book received.

Visit Jerry Pinkney's studio here.

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