Thursday, November 12, 2009

One Shoe Blues Event

It's a BYOS (bring your own sock) Event at Dragonwings Bookstore on Saturday, November 21 at 3:00 PM. You'll get to see a music video with B.B. King himself singing the blues about his missing shoe, while he gets advice from Momsock and a chorus of sock puppets. See the post below for a "making of" One Shoe Blues video.

After the music we'll have stations around the store where you can make your sock into a puppet, put on a puppet show, have your photo taken with your sock puppet, get a sock puppet tattoo, play Boynton Bingo, and dance the Barnyard Dance.

Call 715-256-9186 for reservations. All ages are welcome. Parents are asked to take their little ones through the stations, and we always appreciate having you lend a hand here and there.

Admission fee: a new pair of socks or mittens for the Dragonwings Donation Box. We give seasonal donations of books and/or winter wear to the Family Crisis Center, Healthy Beginnings, and the Food Pantry.

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