Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Easter Basket Treats

If I were dreaming of a white Easter, this year would be my snow bunny heaven. Somehow, with two feet of crusty snow in the yard, it doesn't seem like Easter could be this Sunday. It gets better when I walk through the door at Dragonwings. There are spring flowers, egg trees, chicks and bunnies everywhere.
I love the soft, little lambs that gently baa, and the perky chicks with their newborn chirps. Rabbits abound in all sizes from tiny finger puppets, to a big, friendly jack rabbit puppet.
The eggs aren't only in trees, we also have dino pods, grow dino eggs, cyrstal growing kits in eggs, egg cha-chas, old-fashioned silly putty, and eggs that pop out of rubber chickens (really gross).
There are baskets and bins full of funny treats that can replace candy in your Easter baskets, and we also have some luscious, German chocolate ladybugs, pirates, and sunflowers, along with Ritter Sport
and Santander passion fruit, dark chocolate bars. I hope the Easter Bunny puts one of these in my basket. Stop in and see us for a taste of spring, and have a great Easter.

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