Thursday, May 24, 2007

Noah and the T-Rex

One morning Noah said to his mother, "Today I am going to build an enormous T-Rex dinosaur."
"Right here in our little house?" asked his mother.
"Yes," answered Noah, "right here in the middle of our little house."
"Will we be safe?" asked his mother.
"Don't worry, Mother," said Noah, "if he is scary, I will save you.
If he sees you, I will cover his eyes.
If he chases you, I will step on his toes.
If he jumps on you, I will sit on his tail.
And, if he wants to eat you, I will take out his teeth!"
"Thank you, Noah," said his mother. "You are very brave and I know that I will be safe with you."
So, brave Noah carefully opened a big box, took out the pieces, and began to build an enormous T-Rex dinosaur right in the middle of his little house.
The End.

Noah is the grandson of Dragonwings staff member and proud grandmother, Joanne Kennedy.
The giant T-Rex can be built from a floor puzzle available at Dragonwings.

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